Happy Parents & Participants!

Thank you so much for the Ohavei Torah programs!

My boys attended the learning programs during Chol Hamoed Succos & during the Chanukah break. It contained the right balance of learning with chavrusas, storytelling & prizes! Our kids thought it was fun, which is really nice for them to get the love of learning & the good feelings of Torah, in an informal setting. Obviously attending Hebrew day school is imperative to passing down our Torah values & traditions, but learning in a group on their days off, helps to cement their bonds with their family, friends & our community. Just as programs are needed for the unaffiliated, committed Jews need a boost to enhance their Yiddishkeit! B’H my husband and boys loved the night event with Rebbee Hill! He was very entertaining to both the kids & adults! I understand that there were a few events going on at the same time, if it was possible to attend them all, they would’ve!

It was THE place to be on the break time and so thank you again for your hard work, IY’H your organization & the participants will get a lot of return on their investment!”


Thank you for such an unbelievable program motivating kids to learn while out of school.


Thank you so much for arranging this program. It helped to keep my children in check and motivated them to say tehillim and daven.


This program has been beyond amazing, so inspiring and motivating, we have so much hakaras hatov for everything you have done.